Sunday, October 30, 2016

How to start using DerbyDB with Netbean?

Why we need to use DerbyDB, fisrt of all , it is shipped a long with Java JDK,

If you first learn Java and want to learn How Java work with Database,

We can use DerbyDB, Because we dont need to install a new DB that reason.

Another reason, I am wonder, how to use all tools shipped by Java JDK,

First Open Netbean,

Check Derby database configuration

Check configuration of JavaDB Choose location of JavaDB installed on your machine, normally the

DerbyDB was shipped along with JDK

 Right click on JavaDB --> Choose create new DB

After create DB success, a new database connection automatically created by Netbean,

Click on connect to

Netbean will automatically startup DerbyDB and Connect to that data.

 Now database is ready for futher more steps.